Ocean of Hope - 希望的海洋 -
Xīwàng dì hǎiyáng | 2020 臺灣

There is a hope that reaches way beyond the horizon. More than we could ever imagine.
It's up to you to grasp it, it's already here just waiting for you – life in abundance.
While I was mesmerizing about the beauty of the east coast in Taiwan.
I knew that I have to capture it in a form of paintings. I know there is more to find in this world
than the nature, but still we have to take care for the creation. In this special season of 2020 we have
the opportunity to ask ourselves: "Are we actually just living for our own benefit or also for others?"
Through this hope we have the power to change life.
The a art serie "Ocean of Hope" includes of a total of seven pieces.

by Fabian 發安
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