Butterfly Girl
The meaning of this Butterfly is lightness. As a symbol to bring back lightness to traumatised girls.
This specific butterfly named "graphium euphrates" is existing in Indo.
The small Islands in the background are very typical for the thousend islands in Indonesia.
Girls are the most vulnerable in this world. In Indonesia they have
to face many difficulties – that was my motivation to paint this portrait.


- Indonesia women and girls are particularly vulnerable to trafficking for sexual and labor exploitation.
Especially because of tourism.
- An estimated 30 percent of female prostitutes in Indonesia are under the age of 18.
- An estimated 156 bylaws in Indonesia discriminate against women..
- The #1 cause of death for adolescent girls is suicide.
Because of the heartbreaking trauma that girls experience, they lose all hope.
They need your help – inform yourself about human trafficking and modern slavery.

www.sheissafe.com for more informations.

Check out www.maileforchange.com

© artwork by Fayb Fabian Rechsteiner 2019
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